Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring is in the Air!

The first day of Spring is in 4 more days, and we are already feeling it here! With temperatures predicted to be in the 70s by this weekend (overnights in the 30s and 40s), things will be really hopping in the orchards!
Though delayed some by all the snow this winter, our pruning is on schedule, and the trees have been trimmed up and are ready for a good year's growth. The warm temperatures the past few days have really caused the buds to swell up. We predict that the peach trees will be in bloom in the next 7-10 days. I'll be sure to post pictures, because it's an incredible sight!

Most of the strawberry plants have been uncovered so they can take advantage of the warm sun. They look good and healthy right now, and if everything is on schedule, we should be picking the first berries in early May. We can't wait!

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Well, it's Winter!

Wow, what a winter! For the first time in several years, we've had appreciable precipitation. We're grateful for it - and will really be glad about it this summer, when things heat up and the trees really need that deep ground water. Our peach, apple, and cherry trees are in their dormant period right now, which is very important to fruit production. So far, things are on track!

Our strawberry plants are covered up for the winter - they were planted last fall, and are now growing happily under cover. As spring develops and the daytime (and nighttime) temperatures are warmer, we'll uncover them to expose them to the sun.

Out in the orchard, we're in the process of pruning the apple trees. This must be done each winter, for the health of the tree and maximum production. Thinning of peach trees will start in a few weeks, past this coldest time of year. Inside, things are quiet in the market, but we are doing lots of planning, purchasing, repair and maintenance, and catch-up work. We're enjoying the winter time, and looking forward to spring!